World Enhancement Bundle -10%

World Enhancement Bundle


Enhance your worlds with this awesome bundle! - 10% DISCOUNT!

What you get in this bundle: 

  1. Ambient Skies
  2. Ambient Sounds

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Enhance your worlds with the World Enhancement Bundle!

From intuitive and stunning sky creation, lighting and post effects to real time and customizable ivy that can be placed anywhere in your scene, the World Enhancement Bundle has got you covered!

There's no doubting that after you get this bundle, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it, enhancing your worlds just became easy.

Ambient Skies - Skies, Lighting and Post Effects.
Ambient Sounds - Create and playback interactive soundscapes in defined locations.

Ambient Skies:

Unity Version - Unity 2018.1.0 and higher
File Size -
145.3 MB

Ambient Sounds:

Unity Version - Unity 2017.4.3 & Up
File Size - 
171.1 MB