Gaia PRO


This extension requires one license per seat.

Welcome to GAIA PRO!

GAIA PRO is a professional terrain and scene generation and streaming system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr, desktop and console scenes in minutes!

Current Version: 2.2.0
Supports: 2019.1.0 or higher

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GAIA PRO gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural, fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simplefast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

Why GAIA PRO? GAIA PRO saves you time, money and heartache by including many typically disparate and expensive assets into one integrated, optimized and professionally supported system that delivers an increase in capability, usability and performance for less overall money.

You can literally be running around a beautiful environment in minutes with just 3 clicks!

What's New in Gaia Pro?

- Multi Tile Terrain Support
- Powerful Biome Creation & Mixing System
- Massive World Creation with Non Destructive Editing
- Massive World Streaming, Culling & Floating Point Fix Support
- Modular wizard driven design, use as much or as little as you want
- Vegetation shaders with location and seasonal variation, sss, cover and snow
- Asset shaders with location and seasonal variation, sss, world cover and snow
- Photogrametry Enhanced asset collection including:
-- terrain textures & rocks
-- billboard & mesh based grasses and flowers
-- bushes, berries, ferns, mushrooms, stumps, dead and fallen trees
-- spruce, pine, maple, sequoia, oak trees
- Beautiful & configurable lighting system with time of day support
- Spawnable VFX sytem with birds, butterflies, falling leaves and pollens
- Spawnable Sound FX system with a range of sample sounds and music
- Integrated & matched skies, lighting, fog and post fx for beautiful visuals
- Integrated weather system with rain and snow support
- Beautiful & Fast Water Shader and presets system
- First, third and flying character controllers
- Easily extensible with your own assets
- GPU Accelerated Stamping & Spawning
- Real time stamp & spawner previews
- LODDed Terrain Mesh Export system
- Layer based asset culling system
- Builtin, URP & HDRP 7.2 support
- Stackable filtering system
- Fully integrated and tested
- Video based tutorials
- Professional support


Unity Version: 2019.1.0 or higher
File Size: 3.3 GB