Gaia 2021

Gaia 2021


Welcome to GAIA 2021!

GAIA 2021 is a professional terrain and scene generation and streaming system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr, desktop and console scenes in minutes!

Learn more about Gaia at the Procedural Worlds website by clicking here.

This extension requires one license per seat.

Current Version: 3.3.0
Supports: 2020.3.0 or higher

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Gaia 2021 kicks off support for Unity 2020 LTS and the Unity 2021 release cycle with the following major new features:

  • World Designer - fully procedural world generator
  • Photo Mode - awesome runtime photo creation system
  • World Space Masks - world space image and distance masks
  • Terrain Addition / Deletion support - dynamically grow your world
  • Biome Based Stamping - shape your terrain as part of your biome
  • Terrain Stitching Tool - dynamically connect terrains to remove gaps
  • GAIA API - call Gaia functions within editor.
  • See release notes for more information!

GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simplefast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

While GAIA is a terrain and scene generation system at heart, GAIA also saves you time, money and heartache by automating the setup of your builtin, urp or hd render pipeline, character, sounds, water, skies, post fx and lighting, so that you can be up and running around in your scene in minutes.

With GAIA you will:
- Select your world size and target platform
- Create your terrain by stamping mountains, hills, mesas, lakes and rivers
- Spawn your biome to texture, plant, and populate your world procedurally
- Setup your lighting, sound, wind, water, player controller and post fx with a single click
- Press play and explore your world!

    Key Features:


    - Wizard driven simplicity
    - Multiple target platforms
    - Single scene, multi terrain support
    - Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup
    - Stunning high performance water system
    - Mixed manual and procedural scene generation
    - Biome system - use our sample assets or your own
    - Stamping system - mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain
    - Spawning system - procedurally texture, plant and populate
    - Sessioning system - backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes
    - Extension system - create, share and leverage other assets
    - Exporting system - bake and export lodded terrain meshes and textures
    - Points of interest - spawn farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can imagine
    - Vegetation shaders with sss, snow, location variation and world space cover
    - Take and share screen shots with the screen-shotting system
    - Set up your controller, sound, lighting, post fx and water with a click
    - Builtin, URP, & HDRP support
    - Unity 2020.3+.


        Unity Version: 2020.3 or higher
        File Size: 1.2 GB