World Building Bundle - 2020 Edition -15%

World Building Bundle - 2020 Edition


Included in this Bundle:

  • Gaia Pro - Professional terrain and scene generation and streaming system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, VR, desktop, and console scenes in minutes.
    Voted as Best Artistic Tool in the Unity Awards 2020
  • GeNa Pro - a sophisticated and powerful level design system that enables you to rapidly and intuitively populate your scenes with splines, rivers, roads, villages, and more
  • Ambient Sounds - Easy to use interactive soundscapes, sound FX, and music system
  • Pegasus - drive anything along a path, great for cut scenes
  • Sectr - Sophisticated Audio and Scene Streaming. The ultimate toolkit for building structured spaces in Unity!

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Build your worlds with the  World Building Bundle - 2020 Edition!

Procedural Worlds aims to provide intuitive, flexible, and optimized systems that any developer can use. Giving you, the creator, the power to create literally anything you can think of!

Easily create stunning environments combining GAIA and populate that world with GeNa Pro!

What's a beautiful world without music, ambiance, and sounds? Ambient Sounds has got you covered, offering dynamic creation and blending of sounds for your scenes!

Last but not least, performance is always a big concern and can kill any detailed or large project. Well, no more headaches and burnt-out CPUs, SECTR is there for you! Providing optimized, dynamic and intuitive streaming for any world size!

Ambient Sounds - Create and playback interactive soundscapes in defined locations.
Gaia Pro - A terrain and scene generation system.
GeNa Pro - A powerful spawning system enabling rapid creation of gorgeous-looking scenes.
Pegasus - Spline and cutscene creation system.
SECTR 2019 - The ultimate toolkit for streaming your world.

Ambient Sounds:

Unity Version - Unity 2017.4.3 & Up
File Size - 
171.1 MB

Gaia Pro:

Unity Version - 2019.3.0 - 2020.3
File Size - 
3.9 GB

GeNa Pro:

Unity Version - 2019.3.0 or higher
File Size - 
214.2 MB


Unity Version - 5.1.0 or higher
File Size - 

SECTR 2019:

Unity Version - 2017.4.3 or higher
File Size -