Ambient Sounds


This extension requires one license per seat.

Ambient Sounds is a system to create and play back interactive soundscapes in defined locations.

Current Version: 1.2.10
Supports: Unity 2017.4.36 & Up

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Ambient Sounds lets you configure areas in your game that play back music and sounds to create an unique atmosphere for each region in your game. The playback follows rules and requirements and can react to changes in your gameplay instantly. All the sounds and music you use in your project will be organized in sequences and you will keep full overview over your games audio with a management window that shows debug information in real time.

Stop fiddling with dozens of individual audio scripts in your scene and take back control with Ambient Sounds!

Ambient Sounds allows you to:

- Organize your audio clips into Sequences with combined playback settings
- Play Sequences either globally or locally in a certain area of your game world
- Pair multiple Sequences of background noises and music to create a unique soundscape for each location in your game
- Blend seamlessly between soundscapes in different regions
- Make Sequences interactive by controlling them through Requirements
- Modify Sequences on the fly to react to Events in your game
- Synchronize Playback between Sequences to make them start and end at the same time even if they are different in duration.
- Keep control over your Ambient Audio setup with comprehensive lists of all Sequences and conditions in your scene in the Ambient Sounds Manager Window.


Unity Version: Unity 2017.1.0 & Up
File Size: 178.4 MB